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Whether you are just starting to consider vascular surgery as a specialty, looking to start your own VSIG, or currently in residency and applying for a fellowship we hope you will find our resources useful.

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Is there a VSIG at my school? Find out here.

VSIGs provide one on one mentorship and training opportunities for medical students. Visit the directory from the  Society for Vascular Surgery to find your group or download the toolkit to partner with a faculty member at your medical school and charter a new VSIG.

What Procedures are Involved in Vascular Surgery? Find out here.

Vascular Surgery encompasses a wide diversity of surgeries and approaches.

Did you know the Society for Vascular Surgery has curated a list of resources for medical students? See their suggestions here.

Content ranges from basic surgical skills to vascular training opportunities. Be sure to check out the presentation "Vascular Surgery 101."

Listen to Vascular Surgery Leaders:
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More and more, experts in vascular surgery are sharing their personal and professional experiences in vascular surgery.